8 Tips for Working At Home

8 Tips for working at home

I have a full time job as a Physician recruiter and I am very fortunate I get to work from home at least three days out of the week.  People always ask me how I work from home and get actual work done.  They often tell me they can’t do it because they would be distracted.  To be honest working at home is so much better for me because I am a very social person and being at work is more of a social time for me.

I have been working from home for over 4 years now and I have to say that I have established some habits that really help me to buckle down and be productive. It’s not easy, you have to have structure and discipline otherwise you will not be productive.

Here’s a few habits that have helped me to be more productive at home.

  1. Get Dressed and Ready for the Day- it doesn’t matter if you are not leaving the house or if you are not going to see someone it will help you get motivated and feel better.  I don’t get dressed up but I do get up and take a shower, put on something casual and do my hair and make up.  I do wear leggings or yoga pants while I’m working at home because I like being comfortable but I do get myself “dolled” up. It always makes me feel better and you never know if someone may end up ringing your doorbell.
  2. Set aside time to do chores.  It’s impossible to avoid doing chores when you are working at home.  I honestly do not like seeing a sink full of dishes when I pass by the kitchen so I tend to take a break every hour or so and I get a little done like maybe throwing in a load of laundry or emptying the dishwasher.  It helps to get a break from the computer screen and you feel productive at home too. Keep in mind you are getting paid by someone else so don’t take advantage.
  3. Drink lots of water.  I am much better about this while I’m at work and I’m not sure why but having a water bottle near you will remind you to continue to get your water intake in.  Not getting enough water can leave you feeling foggy and drained.  I like ice cold water and I often infuse fruit or add oils to my water.
  4. Have a healthy lunch.  I am not great at this because often I am on a role at home and often will not even stop to take a break so I than will just go in to the kitchen and grab whatever is easiest to make.  Healthy food will give you fuel to power through your day.
  5. Take a midday break.  I like to go out for a walk during the day with my pooch.  Kinds of helps to split up the day and I feel like my body really needs it.  I think the sunshine helps too.
  6. Create a dedicated work space.  This might not be easy for everyone but if you can just create a small little space it might help and it can help you transition from your personal life to work life.
  7. Minimize potential distractions. This one is much easier for me now, when my kids were younger and they were at home it was hard to work because they would mess around and sometimes fight and cause disruptions.  Now they are both older and tend to entertain themselves now.  Don’t check social media.  This is a big time suck and you might not realize how much time you are wasting here unless you are a social media manager or something similar.
  8. Know when it’s quitting time.  Don’t make a habit of working until midnight every day.  You should still have work life balance.  If you are on a roll and producing some serious quality work I get it, it’s hard to stop but don’t neglect your family or personal time.

Do you have habits that you find helpful to be productive while working from home?

Feel free to share in the comments, I’d love to hear what has been successful for you.

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How to Manage a Blog with a Full Time Job

How to Manage a Blog with a Full Time Job

My neighbor came to visit Sunday evening and asked me if I was working cause my computer was on (my computer is currently in our dining room so you can see it when you come into the house) and she knows I work at home.  I told her that I was working on my blog. She said, “You have a blog? How do you have time to do that with kids, a husband and work?”  She said “I have one child and can barely keep up with the cleaning, laundry, my daughter and husband?”  I just looked at her and said honestly I love the blog, I just started it a few months ago and so far I’m super passionate about it.

I honestly couldn’t tell you the magic trick but I do know that I love to write (even if I’m not great at it) and I can sit down and pound out a few blog posts every so often.

I used to write in a journal and although I loved it I got tired of writing with pen and paper.  This helps me to just let all my thoughts explode on to paper and believe me there are a lot of thoughts in this head of mine.

I also believe that when something makes you happy and you are passionate about it that you will do more of it.  I have learned so much by having this blog.  I kind of think of it this way, if something is important you’ll find time to do it.

I have a full time job as a Physician recruiter and I spend a lot of time talking to folks on the phone and by email.  There are many days that I don’t want to talk on the phone, I just want to be quiet and write.  I have a sort of “sales oriented” job and sometimes it can feel like pressure every day.  Blogging doesn’t feel like pressure.  It feels like I’m allowing my creative energy to flow.

I am not perfect, I don’t feel like I am expert at this WordPress stuff but I love to learn and I am a sponge so what I learn I like to share.  The biggest thing I am learning is that if I want this to end up being a business I have to treat it like a business.  Yes, you have to make room for other things in your life like your family, your husband and so on, but you also need to make room for your blog.  I try my hardest to write at least once a week but sometimes I will have several ideas that I need to get out so I might write several posts and then schedule them to be published at later dates. There are great tools in WordPress to let you do this.

The key is to set aside time to work on this blog.  I know I can spare at least two hours per week so I usually sit down while my Hubby is watching football on Sunday’s and write.  I do lots of research during the week and come up with ideas to write about.  I have many tools that I use for that, specifically Pinterest because I have a secret board that is specifically for ideas.  I also write drafts when I’ve got down time and they are usually created on my phone in Evernote. I am a bad sleeper so when I wake up at 3am and can’t sleep I pull out my phone and usually will start to type of a few ideas that I can in turn remember to write about later.

Social Media can be a big time waster.

I love social media.  My boss hates that I’m on social media all the time; hello, I’m a recruiter where else would I be?!  But the problem with social media is that it is a big time suck.  Once you start scrolling through your friends pics of their kids doing funny stuff or pictures of puppies you have wasted an hour.  That is an hour I could have been writing content or even promoting my blog. The trick with blogging and social media is that you have to really start connecting.  You want to build an audience  and have readers and fellow bloggers following you so you need to connect and visit other bloggers as well.  I’ve already made so many new friends from blogging in just this short period of time.

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What is a Blog?

What is a blog?

So I was talking to my little one today and he was asking me what I was doing.  I said I’m working on my blog.  He said “what is a blog?”.  So I started to explain what a blog was and he didn’t get it.  So I thought if he doesn’t get it I need to explain it because if someone ever asks him what does your Mom do I want him to be able to answer the question.

Blogging is not my full time gig but my hope is that one day it can add a little income to our family and maybe it will end up being my full time gig.  I really love it and who knew I would love to research and write so much.

So back to what is a blog?

A blog is an online website that is managed by an individual and often times by teams as well depending on how large the blog is.  Most of the time it is a place for someone like me to share his or her expertise with the world.  I don’t think I am expert as I am just learning how to blog and in the process I am sharing what I am learning along the way.

Why do people blog?

Some people like to share their expertise and ideas with the world.  There are so many creative, intelligent and funny people that have amazing talents they can share and this is an easy way to share those talents.  In most cases you can start a blog for under $4/month.  I started this blog because I was really intrigued by other bloggers and I wanted to learn something new.  I have not been given an opportunity to gain new knowledge or training at work so I decided to take it upon myself to learn something new.  Why not try something that I like.  Actually so far I think I really love blogging.

Based on what I have been learning online there are several types of blogs.  There are fashion blogs, food, finance and blogs about family, kids and parenting.  I would consider my blog more of a lifestyle blog as it sort of has just a lot of stuff related to all of the above.  Some of my favorite blogs are listed below:

I have many other bloggers I follow but these are my regular reads and honestly I learn something from each of them.  I aspire to be like these bloggers but I still have a lot of work to do.


Did you know people can make money from blogging?

I had no idea that this was possible, I mean I heard that there were bloggers making money but I had no idea how they were doing it.  That was until recently.  I have been reading several of the most popular bloggers and I have learned that yes if you put a lot of hard work and time into your blog and treat it like a business you can make money.

How do blogs make money?

  1. Ads- these are the ads you see on several blogs.  I don’t have any just yet but as soon as I get to a point where I have more page views I will start working on adding advertisements.
  2. Affiliate marketing- this is probably the coolest type of revenue because if you like to share products you love this is for you.  Many companies offer affiliate programs, if you love their service or product you can become an affiliate.  Every time you share their product through a special link and if someone makes a purchase by going through that link you get a commission.  Imagine that, sharing a product and getting paid.  I am pretty sure I share this kind of stuff daily.
  3. Sponsored posts- I am still unsure about this but you can sign up to write a blog post about a specific product or service and in exchange for your time and promotion the company of the product you promoted will pay you.
  4. Products- you can create your own products, these can be ebooks or a course or maybe even a service.

How much time is involved to create and maintain a blog?

This is a really good question and one that has me perplexed.  Based on my research it really depends on how much time you can and want to invest in your blog.  But it seems like most successful bloggers work on their blogs at least 10 hours a week.  Personally I spend about an hour a day because I do work full time and I have a Hubby and two kids. I tend to work on my blog after they have gone to bed or they are working on homework. I think the trick is to determine whether or not your blog is a hobby or a business.  If you treat it like a hobby you will have a hobby, if you treat it like a business you will have a business.

It does take time to write posts and on average my posts are at least 700 or so words plus I take some time to create images.  My blog is very new and I have just started adding content so I try to post at least once a day but I might reduce this to 2 to 3 times a day so I can focus on promoting my blog.  I have yet to figure out the promoting piece but I’m working on reading and learning so I can get my blog out there.

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How to Manage Social Media with Little Time

I run a business outside of my full time work and honestly there are times when I feel like I do not have enough time in the day to get stuff done.  A lot of of my friends ask me how do I do it?  How do I post to my Facebook group and my pages and have constant content going out to social media when I have little time. Honestly, it’s all about planning and utilizing tools to help you work smarter not harder.

I use social media tools to help me schedule posts and every Sunday evening I sit down while Hubby is watching football and I schedule several posts for the week.  It allows us to spend time together while I’m being productive.  He doesn’t mind it so much because he really

Buffer is my favorite app to do this.  It is very similar to HootSuite and Edgar, but I truly love it because I’ve tried them both and nothing compares to this site.  It is super easy and the cost is well worth it. Hootsuite tends to be super busy and confusing and Edgar was not as user friendly in my opinion.

There are three price levels:

  • Free- you can schedule up to 10 posts per channel but if you run a business and a blog you need more than that.
  • Awesome plan- $10/month and you can schedule up to 100 posts per channel.  I use this plan and it works perfectly, I think once I add more content to this blog I might have to upgrade.
  • Business plans- $50/month or more.  You can schedule up to 2,000 posts per channel (25 channels), get full analytic reports and be able to add team members.

The $10 comes out every month from my business account and honestly it’s well worth it.  If you have a group of people assisting you with your blog you can also add them to your team and they can post as well.  I don’t have anyone added to my account right now but that may change later.

What kind of content to share on social media?

One trick I learned for my business is to post at least three posts throughout the day.  I seem to get a lot of activity in my Facebook group page and 3 makes it easy.

The three types of posts are:

  • Business related- in my case I share information about product, my business and testimonials.
  • Personal- I share something personal daily, could be about something I am doing or working on.
  • Fun- I often use quotes to build content.  They tend to perform well especially on Twitter and they get likes.  The other thing is they can also be positive and uplifting.  I like to find quotes related to faith and of course, anything business related.  Finding the combination of two is the best.
  • Season posts- don’t forget to post season posts like “Happy New Year”, “Halloween”, “Memorial Day”, etc. These can be scheduled up to a year in advance and are much easier to preplan because you know when they are happening.

Where do I find quotes?  Often I will spend time online and searching mainly through Pinterest.  I do have to be careful because I can spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I search for “inspirational quotes, business quotes or anything that points to inspiration”. I have several books and I also look to my Bible.  While I’m reading my Bible I will highlight or underline something and maybe mark the page so that I can use it later.  If I’m reading and have my iPad handy I will add the verse in my Evernote list so that I can use for later reference.  I will often find great information on other blogs.  Other bloggers area always inspiring and I love getting their perspective.

What about making your own?  Why not make your own quotes, why not create something that goes viral and everyone else shares and uses.  Hopefully they will be appreciative enough to give credit where credit is due.

Other things that I share are other bloggers content.  It’s a great way to build credibility by sharing knowledge and information from other bloggers in your area of interest.  I use Pinterest to read blog and if I find an article helpful I will share it on my Buffer account.  Again super easy to share content.

The most important part of building a blog is sharing your own content.  It’s the main reason why we are doing this right?  The trick is mixing in your content with other folks content so that you are not overwhelming your audience with all of your content.

I hope this helps

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Senegence- One of My Side Hustles

Those of you who have tried direct sales or network marketing know that a promotion in your businesses is a big thing.  It means you are working hard to not only work your business but to build a team and help them learn to do what you are doing so that they can also be successful and you will earn from their hard work.

I joined Senegence back in late August, I call this one of my side hustles.  I decided to join Senegence so that I could get a discount on the awesome make up but in the process found an awesome way to make extra money.

Yesterday Senegence sent me an email stating I had made the rank of Maiden.  It is the first rank and after 3 months I’m super excited and it came at a perfect time.  Maiden means I have three members on my team who are working their business as much as I am and they have ordered at least 300PV or $600 retail in a calendar month and I have done the same. I am so excited and the gals I have on my team are awesome.  They are all professional, business minded and go-getters.  I couldn’t have asked for better people, God has truly blessed me.

I have been in several other direct sales companies and I have really enjoyed learning and building a team and it makes a lot of sense why building a team is so important to making some serious money in direct sales. I have been learning quite a bit about residual income and honestly I have to say that this side hustle has been so fun and I know I have much more to look forward to.

What is residual income?

Residual Income also called passive or recurring income is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended.

Active income comes as  a direct result of our efforts. This is what I do during the day in my full time job.  We work for one hour and get paid a certain amount for the hours worked.  This is our wages and or salary. There is nothing wrong with this at all, in fact I am super blessed to have the job I have.

What I am trying to do is set us up for a better life by creating residual income.  This is why I have joined a direct sales business and why I created this blog.

Residual income is when you continue to get paid after the work is done.  One example is in my Plexus business.  I have preferred customers who purchase product month after month on an auto-shipment and I get a commission month after month.  Another way to look at this is to think of an artist/musician; he or she will get royalties long after they have completed the song and album. Income you may receive from rent is also considered residual income.

So by becoming a Maiden in Senegence I am essentially going to have residual income because the commission generated from the work my team or my down line is doing is going to generate income for me. I received my first commission check for the month of November it wasn’t a major amount but it was a little something and my goal is to continually add members to my team to increase that.

I have read lots of other bloggers talk about side hustles and this is exactly that, my side hustle.  I am working a full time job but my side hustles (Senegence, Plexus and this blog) will eventually help me to decrease the hours I work at my full time job.  That is my ultimate goal.  I don’t want to be rich, I just want the ability to stay home with my kids and be able to be there when they need me.

It’s amazing to hear stories of folks in direct sales that have been able to stay home with their kids and still have a great life because the have created a team of distributors.  I have also been in awe of the bloggers out there who started just writing as a hobby and now are making over $10,000 a month just from their blogs.  My goal is to get there.  I am super passionate about blogging and Senegence has helped me to help other women feel confident and beautiful.

If you are interested in learning more about how a $55 business investment can help you and your family feel free to contact me at beboldbeblessed2@gmail.com or find me on Facebook on my VIP group here. 









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LipSense vs. Competing Long Wearing Lip Colors


Why do I love LipSense so much?  Because it truly does what it says it is going to do.

I get compliments on my lip color daily and have been since I started wearing it in August.  I had a long wearing lip color from Revlon that was not really long wearing.  I would apply every morning and by noon it was gone.  Nothing, nada, not even a speck of color.

Now if you see my face you will see that every single day I have new colors that match my wardrobe and the color lasts.  I can eat or drink and not have to worry bout half or most of it coming off on my cup or food.  My Husband doesn’t mind kissing me at all with my lip color on because it will never ever end up on his face.  My kids let me kiss their cheeks all the time now because it does not wipe off on their cute rosey cheeks.

Who doesn’t want that kind of lip color?

So how does LipSense compare to other brands?

Senegence conducted a field survey and asked users to try 4 popular lip colors with long-lasting claims.  They ranged from drugstore to department store brands and all have a 2-step system.  Users were asked to apply as directed and wear for one day through normal activities.  Tested brands included:

  • Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour Lipcolor
  • Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor
  • L’Oreal Infallible Lip 2 step
  • MAC Prowear Lipcolor

Testers were asked to complete a survey on each competitor brand tried.  The results:

  • 62% said the competitor brand dried out their lips.
  • 62% said the competitor brand took over 2 minutes to dry/set.
  • 67% said the competitors gloss top coat was oily, waxy, gritty or just icky.
  • 70% said that after 2 hours, the competitor brand was starting to wear off or almost gone.
  • 78% said that after 4-6 hours, the competitor brand was almost gone or completely off their lips.
  • 62% said that the competitor brand color came off (smudged) onto food or drink cups.  YUCK!
  • 70% said that the competitor brand color kissed off.
  • 85% said they had to reapply the competitor brand 1 to 2 times throughout the day.
  • 82% of participants rated the competitor brand at a 5 or less on a scale of 1 to 10, taking into consideration the look, feel and long-lasting properties.

Then users were asked to wear and survey LipSense.  The results:

  • 100% said LipSense took less than 30 seconds to set/dry
  • 100% said LipSense did not dry out their lips.
  • 100% said the gloss was smooth and moisturizng.
  • 100% said that after 2 hours LipSense was still on as applied.
  • 100% said that after 4-6 hours, LipSense was still on as applied.
  • 100% said that LipSense did not come off onto food or drink cups.
  • 100% said that Lipsense did not kiss off.
  • 75% said they did not have to reapply LipSense at all through out the day.
  • 100% of participants rated LipSense at an 8 or more on a scale of 1 to 10, taking into consideration the look, feel and long-lasting properties.
  • 75% rated LipSense at the highest possible rating, 10

Now doesn’t this make you think now is the time to give LipSense a try?

Contact me today for a personal demo and you can see for yourself why these products are so amazing.


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