Feeling Awful- Pinched Nerves are the worst

I know it’s been since the end of March that I last posted.  I have an excuse this time, I really do.

Let’s start with the fact that I had to plan a big party for my son; he received the sacrament of confirmation at the end of April so most of my time in April was focused on getting the house and yard ready for a party.  It ended up turning out really nice considering the weather that week was horrible.  The day of the party it rained quite a bit but stopped right before the party started.  Unfortunately, the temperature dropped quite a bit so I had to put a few tables inside the house to accommodate some folks that didn’t want to freeze outside.

All in all it was a great party and I’m so glad that folks weathered the storm and came out to celebrate with us.  Jacob is now working on thank you cards to send out to everyone.

So let’s see before the party I had been sick due to the weather changing and a trip to San Diego.  You can read about that here… I finally got rid of the sinus crud although had a cough that lasted well over 8 weeks and I couldn’t find any relief from it.  I had been complaining of a headache for several weeks and thought nothing of it until last week when I woke up on Wednesday with a horrible pain in my neck, shoulders and down to my elbow.  It was a pain that just radiated down my neck and into my right arm.  I worked at home and just tried to be comfortable but Thursday I woke up feeling worse and now I also had a bad headache.  I went to work and at about 11am I called it a day cause I honestly could not take the pain.  I was so nauseous from the pain.  I ended up calling my Mom and asked her to meet me at the ER because I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

We got to the ER about 11:30am or so and the time there took about five hours.  I learned that I had deteriorating discs in my c5 to c7 vertebrae, AKA my neck.  The discs deteriorated enough that the space in between the vertebrae had shrunk unfortunately causing a pinched nerve.  So I’m now more than a week into learning about this and I’ve still got a painful pinched nerve.  The Doc gave me pain medication and told me to do ice several times a day if I could stand it.  I saw my primary care Doc on Monday and she recommended physical therapy to get relief.  I had one appointment and so far no relief from the pain.

I was out almost an entire week of work, that is how bad this thing hurts.  Seriously I have never experienced such excruciating pain in my entire life and I delivered a 9 lb 10 ounce baby boy vaginally.  I know TMI.  I ended up not being able to concentrate on work so just took four days off to recuperate.  Yesterday seemed much better although certain positions can really make the pain start up again.

I was told this pain was most likely caused by the work that I do.  Sitting at a computer all day and poor posture.  I didn’t think my posture was bad until I had my first appointment with the Physical Therapist.  I learned that I have to take frequent breaks and do some stretching to not cause this pain again.  Another thing is not dropping my head to look at my cell phone.  It’s important to bring the cell phone up to your eye level and not your neck down to see the device.  This puts more weight on your neck which in turn causes the decrease of the soft tissue in between.  I’m at about 9 days of dealing with the pinched nerve and honestly I don’t think I’d wish this on my worst enemy, if I had an enemy.  It has been the hardest thing to deal with.  Thankfully my Hubby was super supportive and made dinner all week and took care of the kiddos.  Jacob even learned how to wash clothes to help me.  You know I might have to milk this pinched nerve thing for a while.  Hehehe.

So I do apologize if I have been a bit MIA, I truly did have an excuse this time.



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Sick this week…not good for traveling.

I have spent the majority of this week in San Diego. It has been beautiful unfortunately I have been sick and haven’t been able to enjoy as much as I would like.  We got here Wednesday but I was already feeling the onset of a sinus infection on Tuesday.  I couldn’t defend myself against this one, it hit me hard.  So unfortunately I have been dealing with a sore throat, sinus pressure and congestion all week.  I picked up some Mucinex D and it has helped a bit but I still haven’t been able to gain my voice back.

Having no voice means I am no help to my coworker at all.  Poor thing has to do all the talking.  I am just standing here helping her pass out stuff but not really able to do much of anything else.

San Diego is gorgeous, it is not as dry as New Mexico and it has been nice to see the water. There is so much activity here.  We are staying near the Convention Center near the Gaslamp Quarter and there is so much to do around this area.  I don’t know that I have seen as many restaurants as I have here.  There is about 4 to 5 restaurants on each block.  There is no way that you can’t find something to eat here.  There are also as many bars here as restaurants.  I have really enjoyed the time here but I do miss my Hubby and kids.

I hope when I get home I can get some rest on Sunday. I would hate to go back to work and not be able to talk on Monday.  I also do not want to get my pal here sick, that would be worse.  I don’t feel bad today actually I just sound horrible.  I wonder if that means I’m on the end of the sickness. What is terrible about this is that I have been healthy all year until the weather changed no caused havoc on my allergies.  I go home tomorrow night so let’s hope that I get better before Monday.

I will try to post some pics of my trip later, we are going to try to hit the Gas Lamp Quarter again tonight. Hopefully we can experience a little more night life.

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Absent Blogger- Mom’s Crazy Life

I am really sorry for being so absent lately and not posting as often as I should.  I have been busy and I will admit I have also been preoccupied.

What’s going on you ask?  More like what isn’t going on.

So as of late we are preparing for my Son to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  I know he’s not old enough to be confirmed right?  Apparently he is, and he will be getting confirmed on April 28th so we are hosting a giant celebration.  So I’m busy working on getting the house organized and clean, getting rid of stuff we don’t need.  Trying to update stuff where we can and just getting prepared.  We are doing a big party, it’s going to be almost like a graduation party because my family is so big.  I’m thinking we’ll do brisket, beans, red chili (cause were from New Mexico), rolls, potato salad, fruit salad, chips, salsa and lots of other goodies.  I also need to get a cake ordered, make a card box and figure out how were going to set up the food.  I’ll try my hardest to take some pics of the end result.  That is taking up most of our time these days.

We also have baseball for little one and they are finishing up the last few weeks of school.  Practice is only twice a week thankfully but it’s still enough to keep us super busy.  Jacob had lots of ROTC stuff and school of rock but not he’s only got church service stuff for confirmation and school of rock.  I honestly am not ready for him to grow up so fast but I am thinking I will appreciate him driving soon.  I have put so many miles on my car in the last month or two.

Speaking of cars, just got mine out of the shop.  About two months ago a gal at work backed into my car.  The insurance agency she uses messed up and honestly should have totaled my vehicle but they ended up fixing it.  Thank goodness.  Now I just have to get the AC fixed cause it no longer blows out cold air.  That is going to have to be soon cause we are already getting into the 80’s here in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque.  I love this time of year but I do hate our wind.  The allergies have been really bad for all of us as of late due to the wind.  I am finally feeling better just wish I could breathe and not have that funky little cough.

Let’s see what else is going on.  Work has been crazy busy, I’ll be traveling again pretty soon to San Diego for a Physician conference and I’m pretty excited.  I had a great meeting today with our marketing folks about social media.  I think they are really getting to understand that we need to up the ante when it comes to social media.  I have to write a justification but I think we may get some more help with social media soon.  Work has been better although I have been sort of under the radar lately, it’s kind of nice but I also feel a little left out of things.

Home is really nice now that my office is done.  My Hubby did a great job of making me my own little space and I love it!  I’ll some more pics of my desk he made and the vanity he is going to spruce up pretty soon.  My hope is that I can start learning to create videos for my make up business.

Well that’s all about all that’s been happening, it probably doesn’t seem as exciting as it was in my head but it’s our life.  It keeps up crazy busy but we love it.  I’ll try my hardest to write more often and share as often about our upcoming party as I can.

Have a great weekend!

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Not Feeling Guilty for Sleeping In

If you are a Mom you get that feeling of guilt that we often get that makes us feel awful.  I feel it daily.  I feel it when I go to work and am not spending time with my kids.  I feel guilty when I cannot go on field trips with my little one. I feel guilty when my kids are struggling in school and I do not feel like I can solve their problems.  I feel guilty when we can’t afford something they really want. What is worse is feeling guilty for not being able to afford something they need right away.

So I’m going to say that this post is probably going to come as a surprise.

I slept in one morning when I was off until 8:30AM and I loved it!

I didn’t feel guilty.


I was tired.  I needed it.  My body was tired and I have learned that if we do not take care of ourselves we are not going to be able to take care of the rest of the family.  I should have gotten up early and made my Hubby breakfast or at least got up with him while he made breakfast but he was super sweet and let me sleep in.  The kids were on spring break and I had to go to a funeral but it wasn’t until 10am so I had some time.  I usually get up at 5:30 AM and it was so nice to get 3 extra hours of sleep. The things is it was probably the best sleep I have had in a while.  It was amazing and I felt so much better the rest of the day.

Nope, I don’t feel guilty about that moment.  I don’t feel bad that my son was up watching TV by himself.  I think Dad must have told him to leave me alone for a while.  I’m so blessed to have him. He is a pain in the behind sometimes but he is wonderful. I love him.

I know that sleeping in is a luxury for parents and I don’t do it often and actually 8:30 AM is not late but it was sure nice to just have a little extra sleep.

Thanks so much Hubby!

I hope you get some no guilt time for you too.

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Teach Girls to Be Nice and Considerate

The last couple of days has had me really thinking about how mean we can be to each other.  Did you ever wonder how girls get to be mean?  When I was growing up I didn’t really have friends that were mean until I got to high school but I’ve noticed that kids are getting bullied and picked on much earlier in life.  I walk about 3 to 5 kids a couple of days a week to school and each of these kids is nice to each other and very respectful to me.  A couple of years ago I was concerned by a couple of the older girls.  They would pick on each other and were often disrespectful to the other kids.  I used to tell them that was not right and they would listen but maybe I should have gone a step further and talked to their parents.  They are no longer riding the bus and I often think about them and wonder if that has changed.

This morning I was walking our group and one of the gals who is super sweet and always so considerate gave me a sweet compliment.  I walk in the morning back and forth at the bus stop so that I can get some more steps in to hit my monthly goal.  She walked with me for a while and asked me why I walk back and forth.  I told her that I felt like I had gained a lot of weight and was hoping the walking would help me to lose weight.  She was so sweet and said “You are pretty no matter what you weigh.”  I was surprised by that.  I planned on working out when I got back from taking the kiddos that I hadn’t taken a shower so had no make up, was wearing a hat and just looked a mess.  She made my day because it was nice to hear.

I was talking to a coworker yesterday that mentioned that we have a very cliquey group at work.  I had been noticing it lately and felt like the vibe at work was changing but I work from home a lot so thought maybe it was just me but after she mentioned it I realized it was true.  I get kind of a catty feeling in our environment now at work that wasn’t there before.  It really makes me sad because I truly believe that we should not treat each other with nothing less than consideration and respect.  Women should really stick together and lift each other up because our lives are hard enough without getting some bad juju from other women.

Let’s be nice to each other ladies!

Let’s try our hardest to smile even when we are not having a good day.

Let’s try our hardest to compliment other women and make them feel good, it will help us feel good in the process.

Have a great day you beautiful woman!

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My Own Little space

I am so super excited.  I finally have my own little space.  My office is done and I’m finally somewhat settled in here.  In early February I had shared that my office was working on a little space for me.  I’m happy to say it’s finally done.

My hubby put in some major work in here, not only did he build it but he also made my new desk as well.  It’s so awesome, I love it.

Here’s a pic of my new desk that my Hubby made me and a pic  of my little office.

My Hubby is so talented.  I’m so super excited that he did this for me, it’s my own little space.  The other wall is going to probably hold a small little vanity so I can start doing my make up and also maybe create some videos for my Senegence business.  This room came out so awesome.

We still need to get a new light; possibly a nice ceiling fan with better lighting and we need to paint the hutch and other filing cabinet.  I think the lighter furniture makes the room look brighter.  It’s hard to see but the walls are actually a very light gray. I also need to add some decorations and a little be of me in here.  So far I’ve purchased new curtains, a lamp and a small little candle holder from Target.  The furniture that he transformed was a Craigslist find that we found here in our city.  It ended up working out great.  We do have two other pieces to get rid of from the set we bought so hoping we can get rid of those soon so I can get my car back in the garage.



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