I Have Big News

If you are visiting this page for the first time…welcome!

If you didn’t know previously, I am a blogger.  No, I’m not a famous blogger…yet!  I just write here to share my thoughts about our life, how grateful I am and it keeps me accountable.  So what is my big news….

I have been told several times over the last few months that I should be a personal coach or motivational speaker.  No, my life is definitely far from perfect but apparently my posts on social media, conversations and sometimes just the fact that I listen has really helped others.  For that I am super grateful.

Why am I grateful for that?  Because I love helping others.  I love seeing others get what they want and what they deserve in life.

Someone said recently “You have such an entrepreneurial spirit, so positive and ambitious; why haven’t you started your own business?” I asked them what would I do?  And the words that came out were something like personal coach, motivational speaker, business coach or personal development professional.

Huh?  That’s interesting because those are all the types of people I seek out in my own life to motivate me and keep me positive and pushing forward in my goals.

The words of the several folks that have told me that I should start a business like this truly resonated with me because I appreciate them more than they know. And their words have had me really thinking about my life and where I am in my career.  It has really had me thinking that I do need to push myself out of my comfort zone and have more faith in myself and my abilities.  I do love inspiring other people, I love helping others realize that they are amazing and I really enjoy social media and how it has allowed us all to connect, share and inform.

Those of you that know me know that I have tried network marketing several times in the hopes of finding that one business that would help me help others and several of those businesses have been amazing and I truly believe in those products still to this day. And I have even helped a few lose weight, feel better about themselves and gain more confidence and look more beautiful than they already are.

You know I have some news coming right?

I’m going out on my own.  I’m going to start my own business and it is going to be a combination of all of the above.  I’m working on the details, getting my business plan together and I’m going to announce it soon, very soon.  So come back and visit often to learn more about my new business. If you want to follow my blog through social media visit my Be Bold Be Blessed page and like it and don’t forget to visit often.




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Mind Set is Everything- What We Are We Attract

Monday was a tough day.  I was sluggish, tired and lacked motivation.  I wasn’t the only one feeling this way at work.  My Hubby was feeling the same way and unfortunately I think the kids had a little dose of this too.

What we are we attract.

What exactly does that mean?

Everything has a vibration that attracts a like vibration.  When you are feeling grumpy and down, that vibration leaves you and flows to others.

It is the law of attraction and it is here whether we are conscious of it or not.

Tuesday was a much better day for us. We all went to bed early the night before, felt more rested and woke up with better attitudes.  We all had a better day and it went by much faster.  I have to say I was much more productive too.

Is it a coincidence when you are feeling negative, put out or just grumpy that your day is filled with angry, obnoxious, and sometimes difficult people.  I received a crappy email from a coworker and had I received it on Monday I probably would have blown up.  But my mind was in a better place.  I took a deep breath and let it go.  I walked away from the email too.  I didn’t need negativity bringing me down.

Next time you find yourself feeling like things are not going your way- stop, take a deep breath, maybe walk away from the situation and ask your self what you are doing to attract this into your life and what can you do about it?

Can you change it?  Yes, you can.

Remember when I mentioned I was out of sorts on Monday.  I was tired, things were not flowing and I felt like I was not accomplishing anything.  I felt like my business has been at a stand still and I was letting myself fall back into victim patterns.  These feelings were starting to overwhelm me and creating a feeling of despair.  Those feelings were drawing all kinds of negativity toward me.

So I went home, told myself I needed rest first and said tomorrow would be a better day.  I changed my attitude and I noticed that my day was more positive.  The feelings I felt the day before were gone.  I was back to being myself.  Immediately when I got to work I felt a different sort of energy.  It was positive energy.  I wasn’t feeling stressed or overwhelmed and I was just rolling with it.  And when that email came my way I didn’t let it bother me, I didn’t stew over it for hours as I had done in the past.  I didn’t take it personally.  I wasn’t going to own someone else’s issues, that is not worth my time.

So when you start to feel frustrated remember to think of this…

What we are we attract


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My Own Little space

I am so super excited.  I finally have my own little space.  My office is done and I’m finally somewhat settled in here.  In early February I had shared that my office was working on a little space for me.  I’m happy to say it’s finally done.

My hubby put in some major work in here, not only did he build it but he also made my new desk as well.  It’s so awesome, I love it.

Here’s a pic of my new desk that my Hubby made me and a pic  of my little office.

My Hubby is so talented.  I’m so super excited that he did this for me, it’s my own little space.  The other wall is going to probably hold a small little vanity so I can start doing my make up and also maybe create some videos for my Senegence business.  This room came out so awesome.

We still need to get a new light; possibly a nice ceiling fan with better lighting and we need to paint the hutch and other filing cabinet.  I think the lighter furniture makes the room look brighter.  It’s hard to see but the walls are actually a very light gray. I also need to add some decorations and a little be of me in here.  So far I’ve purchased new curtains, a lamp and a small little candle holder from Target.  The furniture that he transformed was a Craigslist find that we found here in our city.  It ended up working out great.  We do have two other pieces to get rid of from the set we bought so hoping we can get rid of those soon so I can get my car back in the garage.



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New Month and New Goals

I have been trying so hard to get back on track with my life in general but the health and wellness part of my life has really taken a dive.  I start off and then I ended up messing up or falling off the wagon.  I figured today is a new month so why not start my goals today.  I know it’s Wednesday middle of week but maybe the Monday thing is just not working for me so let’s try new month new goals.  I am feeling more pumped today than I have in a while so I think it’s going to be a great start.

So here is a list of my new goals, these are mostly focused around health and wellness but there may be some other goals sprinkled in there to help my life in general.

My New Goals:

Work on getting in 10,000 steps per day.

This seems a lot easier than it should be but I have a desk job and sometimes I rarely take time to get in exercise so I am going to add in two breaks per day in the AM and PM to get in at least a 15 minute walk.  I am also going to ensue that my Fitbit is charged so that I can ensure I am hitting my daily goal.

Lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off

I’m hoping this won’t be too hard to hit, I’ve got quite a bit of weight to lose to reach my ultimate goal but this will be a good start.  My starting weight is 185 pounds.  Yuck, I know that is horrible for someone that is only 5’3″.  Ugghhh.  I am really going to watch what I am eating now and focus on calorie intake for a while to see if that truly helps. I am going to

Drink more water- focus is going to be at least 86-90 ounces per day.

I actually don’t do too bad when it comes to drinking water, in fact I probably drink a little less than 80 ounces per day but there are days like when I work at home that I tend to drink less water.  I’m not sure why, I just tend to work straight through my day and forget to stop to refill my bottle.  I am going to start tracking my water intake on my Fitness Pal as well so I can keep better track of this goal.

Make my lunch every day

I was doing so well with this and then the last couple of weeks I just started slacking.  I am thinking it has a lot to do with the fact that I haven’t been shopping for food like I had in the past.  I would shop on Sunday’s previously and make our snacks ahead of time for the week and often plan our meals.  I have to do some more work on meal prep so I’m going to set a goal of making a plan every Sunday before I shop.  I think this will have an added benefit of saving money as well.

No tortilla chips or chips of any kind.

This really has to do with our lenten sacrifice, hubby and I have decided to give up things that we eat regularly.  My vice is tortilla chips but I figured I’d add in any other kind of chips for added measure.  I eat tortilla chips at least three times a week and I can just imagine how much that adds up in calories and carbs.

Get back to taking my supplements and vitamins.

A couple of years ago I started using Plexus as a weight loss tool to help me lose weight, I did really really and lost 30 pounds using Plexus, exercising and focusing on eating healthy. I don’t know what happened but I started slacking and stopped drinking my Slim and taking my supplements.  Plexus Slim was originally created for pre-diabetic patients to help control blood sugar but an added benefit was weight loss and it did work for me previously.  So now I just have to get back on the wagon and get back to working on me. So I’m going to place an order and start using these products again.  I’ll share more about this product in a later post because not only did I lose weight I had actually made a little bit of money here as well.

Vacuum at least twice a week, entire house.

This one has two benefits.  One, it gets my house back to an orderly clean state and two, the added steps while vacuuming will help to his my goals.

Set up a cleaning schedule so that the house stays clean.

My house is a mess right now, it’s not filthy it’s just really cluttered and messy.  My hope is that if I focus on creating a schedule to coordinate cleaning this will help me to stay accountable and in the end will also create a cleaner and happier home and maybe a happier Mom and Wife.

Looking back on these goals they all seem doable, now I just have to put these into action.

This morning I started out pretty good with a healthy breakfast and I also did a 1 mile walk, I followed Leslie Sansone’s 1 Mile Happy Walk.  So far I have 2,036 steps to start. Not bad.  Yesterday I only hit 5,987 so I am already on track to get closer to 10,000 steps. I will now visit MyFitness pal and enter my food intake. I’ll share an update in the next week or so of my progress.

Time to get motivated!



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Life Lately

I can’t believe I’ve neglected my blog responsibilities, I think the last post was around January 20th.  I’ve been super busy with work, my business, kids and just life in general.  It seems time flies fast when you are having fun or as you get older.

Let’s see the last couple of weeks have been busy and I can’t forget to share the fact that I got into a fender bender at work.  Thankfully I wasn’t hurt and neither was the other driver but my car was hurt pretty bad.  Check out the pics below.  The gal that hit me backed up into me when I was driving through the parking lot.  When she realized she hit me she got out of the car and said “I didn’t even see you.”  Yeap, that about sums it up.  Poor gal seemed like she was having a bad day.  I’m sure hitting my car was the icing on the cake.  Fortunately, her insurance is going to take care of the damage so more to come on this as I still have to take it in for estimates next week to see how much the repair is going to cost.  My car is a 2003 Toyota Camry, not a new car but had never been in a bad accident before.  So here we go, having to get the repairs covered.  We’ll see what happens next week.

Home life has been great.  Hubby was on call this last week and honestly it wasn’t too bad.  He was only called out once in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I heard the phone too and he got up and had to leave so I was woken up and had a hard time going back to sleep but he was not gone long.  He was super excited because he fixed his first outage with no one else’s help. Usually they have to call a lead tech to help with an outage.  He seriously wants to move to that next level and is trying extra hard to learn as much as he can.  I’m super proud of him, he works so hard and has such a strong work ethic.

Kids are always keeping us busy.  Jacob is rocking it out now with his little band.  He has three friends that he hangs out with that all play instruments and they have formed a little rock band.  It’s really cute.  He would be so bugged right now if he heard me say his rock band was “cute”.  He just finished putting several patches on a denim jacket he purchased himself.  He’s so smart that way, when he wants something he saves up money and buys it.  He is already figuring out what equipment he wants for his birthday.  How did I ever end up with a little metal head?

We signed up little one for baseball.  Not sure why he and Hubby decided to have him play baseball this year.  We played spring and fall football over the last year and we really enjoyed it. I wasn’t too fond of his coach or the team mom last season but the team parents were pretty cool. It’s crazy because I really didn’t think I’d like football but after two seasons it sort of grew on me.  We’ll see what happens with baseball, he played a couple of years ago and he played catcher really well.  He was so little and was never afraid of the ball.  The other kids did not want to play catcher at all.  He is such a tough little kid.  It amazes me how talented he is already at such a young age.

Work has me feeling blah lately. I seem to be thinking a lot lately about my happiness and work and if I’m doing what I’m passionate about. I used to really love work but as of late I’m just not super motivated.  I wonder if it’s burn out (17 years as a recruiter) or just feeling like I need to do something new. I am really going to have to pray on this one and hope I can figure something out.

I don’t know what I’m passionate about right now. I love helping people. I love motivating them and helping them see the potential they have in them and the fact that they have talents that are worth exploring.  My job isn’t allowing me to really focus on these things.  I’m not having any fun anymore, maybe after I get the new application at work that I need for my job I’ll feel better.  I’m sure there will be more to come on this.


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My Hubby Rocks

I am not sure how I was so blessed to get a guy like my Hubby but I scored.  Not only is he good looking but he is super smart and so handy.  And he makes the best breakfasts.Every day he makes me and little one breakfast.  He would make Jacob breakfast too but Jacob only likes cereal and is a creature of habit.  We get pancakes or omelets and just about anything we wish if he can make it.  I usually get a ham and cheese omelet and a side of sausage or bacon and it is always delicious.

He is the bomb when it comes to cooking!

He has such a way of seasoning food to make it taste so good.  I don’t know what he does and he rarely tells me but most of the food he makes is seasoned so good it’s delicious.  I do remember one time he did use the wrong seasoning and we had some funky pancakes.  He thought he was going to hide it from us but when I tasted it I must have made a face and he laughed so hard.  He said he meant to put cinnamon in the pancakes and pulled out Paprika.  Uggh, that was not good. It was hilarious and a memory I will not forget.

He loves to take recipes he sees online and actually create them.  He’s super excited about trying new things and most of the dishes have been awesome.  Here’s a few pics of his Pizza Stromboli, I think that’s what it was called. It turned out so good and we ate the whole thing.

My Hubby Rocks

My Hubby Rocks!

So last night I was super tired after working a full day and heading over to the dry cleaner to pick up kiddos uniform.  Hubby came home and was like Mr. Commando barking out orders to the kids. When we talked earlier in the day he said he was tired of seeing little one’s messy room and was going to tear it apart.  I will be honest, I didn’t believe he was going to do it.  Not because he wouldn’t but because we always have some sort of plan and then one thing or another gets in the way and we end up not doing what we originally planned.

Last  night he was on fire.  He took apart little one’s bed, literally threw the mattresses in the hall way and pulled out at least 2 trash bags of junk and food wrappers.  Our little one drives us crazy cause he is always grabbing snacks and leaves a little pile of wrappers.  I laughed cause he made little one leave and he couldn’t go back in because he said he wouldn’t be able to dump anything if he was in there.  He got rid of little dinky toys and stuffed animals that are just taking over space.  It ended up being awesome.  I was so proud of my Hubby.  He didn’t back down and ended up cleaning Jacob’s room too.  He told me last night we would tackle our room.  Yikes, I hope he doesn’t find crap under the bed like he found in little’s room.

Our room is a mess all the time and I can’t even tell you why.  It’s the first room you see when you walk in from the garage and honestly it’s probably where we dump everything as soon as we come in the house.  I know I should put my coat away and my purse but I tend to throw it on my bed and head on over to change my clothes.  Hopefully once he gets my office done we’ll have things more organized in our room and our home.

Did I tell you he’s building me an office?  Yeah, my Hubby rocks!  He is adding a small little 12 x 8 room, more like a large walk in near our master bedroom so that I will have an office.  I work from home at least 2 to 3 times a week and I really need a space.


My Husband rocks

As you see it’s in the dining room and I have a mess here daily. So he ended up adding a little space and I am hoping that in the next month or so I will have my own little space. There will be more pictures to come as progress is made on my office.  I can’t wait to get my own space and have it well organized and bright and pretty.


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