Mind Set is Everything- What We Are We Attract

Monday was a tough day.  I was sluggish, tired and lacked motivation.  I wasn’t the only one feeling this way at work.  My Hubby was feeling the same way and unfortunately I think the kids had a little dose of this too.

What we are we attract.

What exactly does that mean?

Everything has a vibration that attracts a like vibration.  When you are feeling grumpy and down, that vibration leaves you and flows to others.

It is the law of attraction and it is here whether we are conscious of it or not.

Tuesday was a much better day for us. We all went to bed early the night before, felt more rested and woke up with better attitudes.  We all had a better day and it went by much faster.  I have to say I was much more productive too.

Is it a coincidence when you are feeling negative, put out or just grumpy that your day is filled with angry, obnoxious, and sometimes difficult people.  I received a crappy email from a coworker and had I received it on Monday I probably would have blown up.  But my mind was in a better place.  I took a deep breath and let it go.  I walked away from the email too.  I didn’t need negativity bringing me down.

Next time you find yourself feeling like things are not going your way- stop, take a deep breath, maybe walk away from the situation and ask your self what you are doing to attract this into your life and what can you do about it?

Can you change it?  Yes, you can.

Remember when I mentioned I was out of sorts on Monday.  I was tired, things were not flowing and I felt like I was not accomplishing anything.  I felt like my business has been at a stand still and I was letting myself fall back into victim patterns.  These feelings were starting to overwhelm me and creating a feeling of despair.  Those feelings were drawing all kinds of negativity toward me.

So I went home, told myself I needed rest first and said tomorrow would be a better day.  I changed my attitude and I noticed that my day was more positive.  The feelings I felt the day before were gone.  I was back to being myself.  Immediately when I got to work I felt a different sort of energy.  It was positive energy.  I wasn’t feeling stressed or overwhelmed and I was just rolling with it.  And when that email came my way I didn’t let it bother me, I didn’t stew over it for hours as I had done in the past.  I didn’t take it personally.  I wasn’t going to own someone else’s issues, that is not worth my time.

So when you start to feel frustrated remember to think of this…

What we are we attract


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Teach Girls to Be Nice and Considerate

The last couple of days has had me really thinking about how mean we can be to each other.  Did you ever wonder how girls get to be mean?  When I was growing up I didn’t really have friends that were mean until I got to high school but I’ve noticed that kids are getting bullied and picked on much earlier in life.  I walk about 3 to 5 kids a couple of days a week to school and each of these kids is nice to each other and very respectful to me.  A couple of years ago I was concerned by a couple of the older girls.  They would pick on each other and were often disrespectful to the other kids.  I used to tell them that was not right and they would listen but maybe I should have gone a step further and talked to their parents.  They are no longer riding the bus and I often think about them and wonder if that has changed.

This morning I was walking our group and one of the gals who is super sweet and always so considerate gave me a sweet compliment.  I walk in the morning back and forth at the bus stop so that I can get some more steps in to hit my monthly goal.  She walked with me for a while and asked me why I walk back and forth.  I told her that I felt like I had gained a lot of weight and was hoping the walking would help me to lose weight.  She was so sweet and said “You are pretty no matter what you weigh.”  I was surprised by that.  I planned on working out when I got back from taking the kiddos that I hadn’t taken a shower so had no make up, was wearing a hat and just looked a mess.  She made my day because it was nice to hear.

I was talking to a coworker yesterday that mentioned that we have a very cliquey group at work.  I had been noticing it lately and felt like the vibe at work was changing but I work from home a lot so thought maybe it was just me but after she mentioned it I realized it was true.  I get kind of a catty feeling in our environment now at work that wasn’t there before.  It really makes me sad because I truly believe that we should not treat each other with nothing less than consideration and respect.  Women should really stick together and lift each other up because our lives are hard enough without getting some bad juju from other women.

Let’s be nice to each other ladies!

Let’s try our hardest to smile even when we are not having a good day.

Let’s try our hardest to compliment other women and make them feel good, it will help us feel good in the process.

Have a great day you beautiful woman!

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My Own Little space

I am so super excited.  I finally have my own little space.  My office is done and I’m finally somewhat settled in here.  In early February I had shared that my office was working on a little space for me.  I’m happy to say it’s finally done.

My hubby put in some major work in here, not only did he build it but he also made my new desk as well.  It’s so awesome, I love it.

Here’s a pic of my new desk that my Hubby made me and a pic  of my little office.

My Hubby is so talented.  I’m so super excited that he did this for me, it’s my own little space.  The other wall is going to probably hold a small little vanity so I can start doing my make up and also maybe create some videos for my Senegence business.  This room came out so awesome.

We still need to get a new light; possibly a nice ceiling fan with better lighting and we need to paint the hutch and other filing cabinet.  I think the lighter furniture makes the room look brighter.  It’s hard to see but the walls are actually a very light gray. I also need to add some decorations and a little be of me in here.  So far I’ve purchased new curtains, a lamp and a small little candle holder from Target.  The furniture that he transformed was a Craigslist find that we found here in our city.  It ended up working out great.  We do have two other pieces to get rid of from the set we bought so hoping we can get rid of those soon so I can get my car back in the garage.



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My Soon to Be Office

I’m super excited about the work my Hubby has been doing on our house.  He is building an addition.  Guess what the addition is going to be?

My office!

Woohoo!  I am so excited because it is going to be my space and my space only.  He has the garage, it’s his man cave and he has the back porch.  Another sort of man cave with a hot tub, large screen TV and a fabulous view of the mountains and yes we have a large TV in the garage with a leather couch. The kids have their own rooms and yes we have a bedroom but it’s not totally my room.  In fact it’s not even girly. Little one is always in my room because his TV doesn’t have Tivo so he can’t watch Netflix.  So I often get kicked out of the office.  Remember the post about Hubby implementing no devices night, this is probably why I was so mad about it.  The only me time I get is when I am on my iPad.  So I am hoping that my little space will change that.

My new space is going to be girly. Super girly.  I am picking out paint pretty soon and I think I may stick with white or a very light gray.  I want to keep the room bright so that I can hopefully start doing more videos for my business.  I also want lots of girly stuff.  You know pretty stuff like the office pins I see on Pinterest.

I’ve been pinning tons of different home office ideas on Pinterest.  Most of them are super girly.  My office is going to be part craft room too.  If you didn’t already guess.  My love of bling has developed into a love of jewelry making.  It’s pretty fun although not having the space to work on my craft daily is a bummer.  I am currently utilizing the dining room and I often spread my stuff all over the place making my dining room look like a big giant mess. It would be so nice to actually be able to spread my stuff out and maybe have it organized so I can find stuff.  I seem to have several 100 lobster clasps in the same size because I thought I didn’t have any and sure enough I had like 3 packages but didn’t know because I couldn’t see them in my boxes.

My office is currently in the dining room and I hate it.  My desk is always a mess, mostly because I am not very organized but mainly because well I’ve just got too much stuff.  My desk was a yard sale find and it has worked out fine but it’s not comfortable and it’s no bright in there.  I am going to need to find some good lighting for when it’s evening or gloomy but I am thinking it’s going to be perfect.  I work from home at least 3 days out of the week in my full time gig so I have a desk, lap top, 2 monitors and a printer and all kinds of paperwork strewn across my desk.  Most of it is personal stuff but it’s just a mess.  My hope is that my new office is going to allow me a little more storage and room for better organization.

It is not going to be a large room, just a 12 x 8 foot room actually could be a very nice walk in closet but I need space.  I need space to work and space to work on my crafts and now space to work on my blog.  That is not a big space I know but it’s going to be all mine and it will be nice and cozy.  Plus it will allow me to have some peace and quiet when I am working.

If you want to check out a few of my office pins click on this link. 




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My Home Project List

I have many things that are going around in my head, most of them are related to my family, my job, money, my home and organizing.  I’m not organized by any means in fact in most cases I’m a mess but I do want to be organized.  I seriously want to be that person that seems put together even when I don’t feel like I am.  People tell me that I seem like I am well organized but honestly my house is a mess.  The dialogue that often is inside my head is this “Uggh, this cabinet is a mess what can I do to get it organized?” or “I really want to update this in our house, how can we get started on that with little to no money?” or the latest “This room stresses me out, why can’t it ever be organized and clean?”.  That last thought is often referring to my youngest sons room.  It’s cluttered and has too much stuff.

My Home Project List

My Home Project List

My home drives me crazy so instead of continuing to allow it to drive me crazy I decided that I would start a project list.  This would be specific to my home and I’m sure I’ll have lists for other things in my life.  Because I’m a list addict I feel peaceful and content with my life and myself when I’ve got a few lists going and when I can show that I have accomplished items off the list.  I try to take time once a week to write my to do list so I thought why not start a Home Project List.  Here goes.

  • Create and decorate my new office/beauty room
  • Dining room- after the office is done and I move my desk I’d like to get this area updated and maybe add a hutch or some kind of beverage area.
  • Entry Way- I would like to move the sewing machine to my office and use it as a side table if possible so that means I need a new focal point for the entry way.
  • Organize my pantry- I can’t have a larger pantry because there is no where to put it so I just need to get this organized and look better.
  • Remodel/restructure our laundry room- will have to figure out to change the storage at the top of the cabinets.
  • Tile in our guest bathroom- we put in a new vanity and countertop but never put in new tile so would like to redo the flooring and the bathtub/shower with tile.
  • Back splash for kitchen
  • French doors in dining room- I hate the sliding glass doors we currently have in our home, french doors would be ideal here with a screen door if possible.
  • Close up living room window
  • Paint boys rooms
  • Organize our closets
  • Create a cabinet or shoe rack for our garage/mud room
  • Paint kitchen island- try milk paint
  • Paint cabinets in kitchen
  • Pellet stove in living room
  • Living room- new furniture and maybe a coffee table, rug and lamps
  • Front porch- would love to put a feminine touch here with flowers and just something more welcoming.

How do you create a home project list?

I don’t know for sure if there is a specific way as it’s not an exact science but this what I do.  I start out by finding a comfortable place to sit alone by myself, maybe in my room with my comfy blanket and a notebook and I make a list of my wildest dreams of my house.  I often ask these questions:

  • Which space makes you crazy?
  • What rooms do you know have potential for change?
  • What areas need small cosmetic changes or just new accessories?
  • What rooms would you make over if you won $10,000?  What if it was $100,000?
  • What do you wish your home had?

I start by just doing a brain dump and just keep spitting out stuff that I want…sort of a wish list.  From there I determine if these are obtainable and if so I start to put them into small buckets and create a plan for a project list.

I have been unhappy with my home in the past but than I started really doing some thinking about how much our life would benefit if we just stayed here.  First of all, our kids are getting bigger.  My oldest is already in high school so before you know it he’s going to be gone and on his own.  Than my youngest who is a social butter fly is most likely going to be gone most of the time as he gets older too.  So why move to a bigger house just because I want more space.  This house has potential if we just worked on it and it would mean we wouldn’t get more into debt to be “happy”.  So instead of moving we are going to add or change this house.  I’m grateful to have this home.  I love this home, it was my first real house.  My son and I lived in a double wide prior to living here and although it was a great starter  home it wasn’t a house.  I wanted a house and I worked hard to get this house.  Now this house is our house and it’s my families home.  I keep trying to remind myself that I may be unhappy with one particular or another about this house but I go back to that moment when I was handed the keys to my own home and how proud I was to be moving myself and my son to a nice neighbor hood and a great house for the two of us.

I realize my home project list is super long but it’s an ongoing list and most of these things will not be able to be done right away.  As we work on our journey to paying down debt we can possibly work on a few things here and there.  Later when we have made a big debt on our debt journey than we can make a big dent on the home project list.

What is on your dream list?

Have you created a prioritized list or just a wish list?


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A List of My Favorite Things

I have several things that I love and things I can’t live without, this is just a list of at least 10 of my favorite things.

  1. I love God.  I would not be here without Him.  I truly think that everything that has happened in my life is because of His will.  Yes we all make decisions because we have free will but I truly believe that He has led me to this moment.
  2. The power of prayer- I don’t care if I offend anyone because I have such a strong love for God I truly believe that the power of prayer can make things better and sometimes we need to consider that the things we want are not the same as the things we need.
  3. Arizona Green Tea- I don’t drink sodas and I rarely drink alcohol but I love me some Arizona Green Tea.
  4. Chocolate- I have a friend that doesn’t like chocolate.  The first time she told me that I was like “What?!”.  How can someone not love chocolate.  I had a double chocolate cake Wednesday evening and it was awesome.
  5. My Husband.  I was a single mom for many years and I never ever thought I would meet a great guy.  I was blessed when God put my Hubby into my life because He knew I needed him.  I was always strong and independent and never ever asked for help from anyone but God put this man in my life and he is my everything.  He is my best friend, my love and my partner.
  6. My boys.  I know all Mom’s feel like their kids are the best but honestly my boys are two of my favorite things.  They drive me crazy I won’t lie but they make my life full and complete.  Before I had my boys I was a hot mess and often a shit show.  Yeah, they help me to be stable and grounded.
  7. Lipstick- anyone who knows me knows that I love make up but I truly love lipstick.  I feel like my face is “finished” when I have lipstick on.  I feel like I am complete and ready to take on the world.  Lipstick helps me to feel powerful and strong. I know why I decided to join Senegence because I love, love LipSense.
  8. Bling.  I love all things bling and glitter.  I always have.  I have so much jewelry it is scary.  And if I had a choice between a purse and a pretty set of jewels I would take the jewels. Purses mean nothing to me they are just a thing to store my stuff.  Jewelry makes me feel good and put together.  When I do not have my jewelry on, especially my earrings I feel naked.
  9. My iPad.  I know we shouldn’t be dependent on electronics and I rarely am on it when my kids are around or my Hubby but I do like reading and I love research and I feel like it is so much easier on my iPad than my computer or phone.
  10. Pinterest- whoever interested Pinterest thank you because I feel like it is a to do list, want list, dream list and organization tool all in one.

What are your favorite things?

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