Hi there!  My name is Tammy, I am a native of New Mexico; born and raised and love it here.  If you love being out doors, love a mild climate this is the place to be.  I’m a Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter, HR Professional and believe that God has always been my navigation, strength and love. I’m really just a regular person trying to cope with every day life.  I realize that perfect doesn’t exist.  We have a little sign in our home that says “You call it chaos we call it family.” That about sums up our life, it’s definitely not perfect but we are blessed.

I have always been the type of person to speak my mind and have often been told I do not have a yield sign when it comes to what I say.  I don’t say things that are hurtful or disrespectful but I do believe in transparency.  If you are my friend you know that I care about you and I would hope you would be transparent with me as well.

I’ve always been a sponge and continue to want to learn every day of my life.  I also like to try new things, I am always looking for new things to do and I am always busy.  I was a blogger many years ago, had a great blog when I was a single Mom and had lots of readers. Blogging has changed a lot since than and so has my life.  I am no longer that person I was back then and my situation changed so much that the blog was no longer me.  I honestly miss it.  I miss the support I received from strangers with no judgement and I felt a sort of a camaraderie with others that were in the same situation.  It was just  a way for me to share my journey and cope with trying to survive as a single Mom.

Since then I have had another child, gotten married, have a great job and have had many other side businesses that keep me busy.   My life is not always rainbows and unicorns  and I might be a few things here and there that make you laugh.  I live in a house of boys, it’s probably not going to be hard to have these moments, there might even be a bit of TMI here and there.

I had mentioned that I have had several side businesses; most have been awesome and some have failed.  My family tends to roll their eyes when they see I am excited about something new and that is OK.  I’m not pressuring anyone to sip the koolaid unless they want to but I have enjoyed learning new things with every adventure and I really would like to be able to earn from my side hustles to get us out of debt.  Debt…that big ugly word we often hear about. Yes, we’ve got debt (who doesn’t) and I am working on getting us out of it. I’m sure many of my posts will be focused on this subject quite often.

I recently started my ow business as a one woman social media marketing agency.  You can learn more by visiting the link below.

Be Bold Be Social- Social Media Marketing Made Easy

OK, enough about me.

Let’s talk about the main man around here, Chuy.  His real name is actually Jesus but everyone calls him Chuy (pronounced chewy).  I call him Babe or Honey. Little one calls him Dada and my oldest calls him Chuy.  He is handsome and he knows it.   I am pretty sure I don’t tell him often that he is handsome because it goes to his head.  He is funny, sweet, has a strong work ethic and is always doing something to improve our home.  He is very handy which is a big plus.

I don’t tell him enough but I am in awe of how amazing he is.  Remember I mentioned I was a single Mom?  Well this man came in to my life and has raised my oldest as his own.  Not ever asking for anything in return.  Not many men are willing to do that and it’s not easy.  God has truly blessed me with this wonderful man.

He has no idea what this blogging stuff is about and he’s probably going to ask if I am going to blog about him and our marriage.  We’ll see….

We have two boys and they are so handsome and so different.

Jacob who is now 14 15, going on 40.  He is very handsome, responsible, respectful most days and is an all around great kid.  He has a very old soul, very quite and reserved.  He is my soul mate… I love my hubby but he was in my life first and he is connected to me like no other.  God gave me this kid and he has helped me to become the person I am today.  I try hard and often fail but he has always been my strength, my support and my friend.  He is so talented; has learned to play the guitar on his own and I hope he will go to college.  I’ll probably have lots of blog posts about parenting because of this kid.

Christopher is now 8 and he is super energetic (he never ever stops) and is so funny.  He is an entertainer much like his father and honestly he makes me laugh so much.  He is the baby and I call him Booboo. He has had a moose “Moosey” from the time he was born that he loves more than life itself and I think even more than he loves me.  Poor Moosey is on his last legs but he will not live without him.  Booboo is super athletic, he is still fairly young but also talented when it comes to sports.  He has played two seasons of football and I am pretty sure I’ll be spending a lot of time at practice again in the spring.

Our boys bring so much joy to our lives.  Parenting is not easy and again we are not perfect. We fail daily at this parenting stuff but our goal is to help them both become good, respectful and productive adults one day.

We are THAT family on the block.

One thing I love about us is that we are always finding a way to have fun and are are real.  What you see is what you get.

So now you are probably wondering…what is this blog all about?

I am not 100% sure yet but you will find posts on motherhood, marriage, fitness (or lack of), DIY, organization (or lack of), my business, getting out of debt and just about anything that comes into my head.  Just like little one I am pretty hyper too and often times I am hyper because I have so much going on in my brain that I just need an outlet to get it out.  I have been told I’m a little ADD, I think that may be true so if you see me squirrel quite a bit on a post you know why.

If you would like to get in touch with me please feel free to email me at tammy@beboldbeblessed.com. You can always find me on Facebook at Be Bold Be Blessed.

Feel free to leave comments as well, except for negative and mean spirited comments, which will go directly to spam.

Be Bold Be Blessed!