Write Social Media Posts that Get Customers

Do you wish that your Facebook posts and ads got tons of likes, comments, and most importantly, customers?

Have you looked at other folks Facebook pages and wonder how in the world are these people building businesses online when all you hear is crickets on social media when you post?

My mentor, Ferny Ceballos, taught me five psychological elements that your Facebook updates and ads should have to passively attract new prospects, customers, and business partners.

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Now before I tell you the five elements you need to get the best results, let me give you some tips regarding what NOT to do on Facebook.


This is super important.

People don’t come to Facebook to buy products.  You probably hate spam just as much as the next person so don’t do it.  Instead, you want to focus on the results that you or your product can produce for other people.

Unfortunately, most network marketing companies teach distributors all the wrong ways to post on social media.  They give distributors pictures of their products and logos of the company and tell them to go out and spread the word.

I know because that is exactly what I was told in the past.  And then posting info that got me no results, like the latest promo thinking everyone would come running because it was an amazing deal and who could refuse.

But there’s one problem with that.

No one cares.  They are not on Facebook to find out about your company or any other one for that matter.

I know this is probably not going to make sense right now but if you decide to post about the benefits but still provide the name of the company, people will just go to Google and they will get false information.  You never even had a chance to share anything with them.

I had a friend that was interested in my product and actually ordered through the company’s website instead of through me.  I was so irritated.

So if you don’t want that to happen, then…

Don’t post anything related to your company!

I know you are thinking, then how am I going to get the word out?

Here’s the deal.  It’s because you want to maintain an air of mystery.

You want your prospects to reach out to you because you want them to think you are the only way they getting that amazing product.

Let’s put it this way…have you ever seen a friend you haven’t seen in a while and she has lost like 10 or 15 pounds and looks amazing.  What is the first thing you do?  You ask what she is doing.  You want to know how she got those results.

The first time I tried this I posted a picture of myself with several of my fellow distributors having a blast at our yearly conference and the post said something like this, “Does your company party like this?”  I had two people reach out to me about where I worked.

It’s about keeping the mystery, you are encouraging people to reach out to you and learn more. You want others to see you as the answer to their problems…not your company.

If they have:

  • skin care issues
  • financial issues
  • lack of energy
  • want to lose weight
  • want to feel good

Whatever their problem, you want to be their go-to person.  You want to be the hunted not the hunter.  You want them to know you have the solution to solve their problem.

This is personal brand and authority.

You don’t get this authority by having a degree or specific background, people will see you as an authority when you start helping others achieve results.

If they see you getting results, they will know it’s possible for them.

Now let’s look at the five psychological elements that my mentor, Ferny, taught me to use to make my Facebook posts or ads work.  They have made my marketing so much more effective and I am so glad I learned these 5 elements.

Get Attention

In traditional marketing or online marketing you might see something like

  • Attention diabetes suffers!
  • Attention network marketers
  • Attention SAHM’s (stay at home moms)

This can be effective with other marketing or ad platforms.

Facebook doesn’t allow this in your advertising. Their policies don’t allow you to call people out like this.  So another effective way of doing this is to…

Share something from personal experience.

A good example of this comes from an ad by one of Ferny’s students, Hannah Gorvin.

She was targeting network marketers (she specializes in training) and her ad says…

“My upline told me I only needed five key people.  Easy right? Well, not actually”

Notice how she subtly contradicts the stance of most network marketers regarding how to build a business.

Here’s another example of one of Ferny’s ads, which is a little more direct.

“I finally stopped listening to my upline.”

How many times has your upline said things like “make a list of 100 people”, “connect with everyone with in 3 feet of you.”  You have heard these before right?

Ferny’s statement resonates with those of us in network marketing because it’s specific to us.

Stating something that’s contradictory to what people in your market commonly believe.

How about this kind of headline for someone in the wellness or weight loss industry:

“It turns out breakfast is not the most important meal of the day.”

That grabs your attention right?  Why?  Because it goes against a commonly held belief.

What I would suggest would to stay away from going against deeply held beliefs like politics or religion.

Nobody likes that person on Facebook.  You know the one that swoops in and creates drama.

Demonstrate Credibility

This one seems harder but it’s pretty simple, you need to show data, stats or testimonials.

For example, if you help someone lose weight then you can specifically state what you’ve helped them accomplish.  And by doing that you are sharing information that shows authority and also provides you with credibility.

For example:

“I’ve helped 30 people fire their boss”

“I’ve helped 5 people lost 100 pounds.”

These statements position you as an authority.

One of Ferny’s ads says, “We taught these folks how to recruit without prospecting.”

How many of you would like to build your business without prospecting?

He said he taught these people how to do this and he showed a real-life example to back it up.

Credibility at it’s best.

Deliver a unique promise, story, or solution

The fact of the matter here is that people can buy your product or join your company from anyone.  The question is what can you bring to the table that is unique.  Why would someone want to join YOUR team?

Share what makes you different.

Show benefits

You need to make it about them and not you!

If you share results you’ve already produced or achieved it is about them because they will perceive that you can help others achieve similar results.

Your ad or posting can overlap and cover two different elements at the same time.

Like Ferny’s example, “We taught these folks how to recruit without prospecting.”

Again, it grabs attention and it builds authority and credibility.

It’s a unique promise and there’s an implied benefit; we’re going to show you how to recruit people.

Let’s say your in the weight loss or supplements market…

Your ad might say “We show people how to lose weight…

  • without dieting
  • without excercise
  • without injections

You offer them the benefit, and then if you want to enhance that benefit you list out all the things that they DON’T have to do.  I hate dieting, I hate exercise and who wants injections?


Create Urgency

This is the last of the five elements and it’s important.  This is referred to as a call to action.

You need to tell people what to do next and why they should do it now.  A call to action is like:

  • Click to see more
  • Comment below for more information

Ferny always recommends the second statement for most network marketers.

If you are doing a post be sure to ask people to comment below or send a private message – that’s the call to action.

I know some folks don’t like having strangers message them but you’re getting them to reach out to you, remember you want to be the hunted no the hunter. This is passive marketing or passive prospecting.

Now you just need to create urgency.

Have you been courting a prospect for months and months and they finally sign up after many excuses.  I have had this happen many times.  How to make it seem so important they can’t pass it up.

Use statements like:

  • Only ten available!
  • Offering these free for a limited time!
  • Offering a discount for a limited time!

Creating urgency causes them to take action now.

So let’s make sure you have these again:

  1. Attention
  2. Credibility
  3. Unique promise or story
  4. Benefits
  5. Call to action

These five elements will help you to be more effective in your messaging.

Remember DO NOT…

  • Talk about your product
  • Let people know what the product is, or
  • Talk about your company!

And don’t spam your links everywhere!

I know it’s hard not to listen to your upline but if you just do what I shared with you, I guarantee you will see massive results compared to what your upline or company is teaching you.

Want to learn more…click here to learn more!


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