How Getting a Coach Changed My Business

Have you ever wondered about hiring a coach to help you move you forward in your business?

I used to think it was foolish.  I thought why would I spend the money on something I can learn all on my own.

Well you see for 3 years I struggled.  When I started my network marketing business the first year rocked.  I signed up over 62 consultants and things were rocking and rolling.  But the 24 months that followed were just awful.  I wasn’t moving forward, I was standing still.  I wanted to quit.  In fact I did quit, several times.

OK, not completely quit but you get the point, I was that frustrated.

Thankfully I kept pushing forward and I got over that thinking of feeling that I could figure it out on my own.  I knew I had to change my business and get the results I so needed and wanted.

Even top earners in my industry who were earning 6 & 7 figures hired coaches to move them to the next level.  Ray Higdon mentioned in one of his talks that after launching a new product and making something like $80,000 within its first 14 days that he decided to hire a coach.  I thought what does he need a coach for, but he said he wanted someone to push him and his new product to the next level.

I happened to stumble onto the Ignition Coaching Program, it was a FREE bonus included in a package that I’d previously purchased about how to start attracting more people into your network marketing business.  I had no idea how impactful those coaching sessions were going to be.

I remember scheduling my first call with my Coach, Fernando Loaiza.  I remember sitting there thinking they are not going to call.  And honestly, I thought he wasn’t going to cause he was about 5 minutes late.  The email that had been sent to me said to allow a little grace time and guess what he called.  I really didn’t have any idea how life changing this was going to be but I was so amazed by the knowledge and nuggets of wisdom he shared.

I’ve since had several coaching calls and they have each contributed to my business in one way or another.  I’ve been given assignments or homework after every call, each task designed to push you and your business to the next level and I have to say the price I paid for this coaching program doesn’t come anywhere near to the value I’ve received from it.

To think this was a FREE bonus for investing in the Attraction Marketing Formula.

The coaches personally coach you through step by step through the Attraction Marketing Formula course.

I realized that I wanted to see a change in my business, I was tired of being stuck.  I realized that I needed to get out of my head and learn from someone who had already been there.  An expert.  A Coach.

Yes, there are tons of resources online that you can find and you can try to figure out things yourself but sometimes it’s about investing in yourself.  I seriously wish I had done this earlier in my career.

You should always invest in yourself.  Build intellectual capital.

The Ignition Coaching Program will change your business, there’s no doubt about that! Click HERE to invest in the Attraction Marketing Formula then you will be sent details to set up your first coaching call with the Ignition Coaching Team

Remember this is FREE when you invest in the Attraction Marketing Formula.


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