Empowering My Son to Pursuit His Passion

Over the last few weeks, Christopher has asked if he could start a YouTube channel.  I was a little concerned about this but after a while, I started thinking that maybe this could be a great way for him to learn how to be a better communicator and gain some more confidence.  Not that he needs more confidence, considering he’s just eight he’s got a lot of that already.  So we created a YouTube channel for him.  I am still working on the channel art, I think I found a trick to get that to fit right.  Here’s his first video.


He is so funny, he makes me laugh.  Sometimes I wonder where he gets his confidence from.  I know growing up I was really shy.  I was friendly but often shy and wouldn’t speak up and I would never ever talk in front of people.  If I had to do a presentation I would be a mess.  He’s not like that.  He has so much confidence and he lacks FEAR.  I seriously wish I could bottle that up and share it with the world.  I sure wish I had that confidence when I was younger.

I want to continue to see him grow and become more confident. I want to see him become a leader or at least a really good influence on others.  He’s not a quitter and no matter how hard something maybe he will continue to push at it.

If you wouldn’t mind doing me a favor and heading over to his channel and subscribing.  I promised that once he hit 100 subscribers I would buy him a pair of virtual reality glasses.  I promise that there will be more videos to come and hopefully more fun and creativity coming from the little guy.





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