Funny Things Said in Our House

So I was getting my little one ready for bed this evening and had just finished tucking him into bed.  He jumped out of bed and said “I need to grab my library books or else I can’t get new ones tomorrow!”

So he searches for his books that he had placed on his shelf and puts them in the bag that goes back to the library.  I told him “I don’t think you read all of the books.”  He said, “It’s OK mom, I read one on the bus ride home last week with my friend and one when you were busy Sunday.”

As I was tucking him back into bed I said, “I’m so proud of you for being more responsible now if I could just get you to lift the toilet seat when you go I’d be doing great.”

He cracked up laughing and said “Mom, that is going to take me years to learn, Daddy still doesn’t do it.”

Straight from the mouth of babes.

Now I have to go have a nice long chat with my hubby about being responsible.



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