Getting Ready for Back to School

What happened to June and July?  I can’t believe school will be starting next week.  It seriously seems like school just ended.  I’m more prepared this year than last.  Kids have all their school clothes ready and I just need to purchase one more thing for Christopher for school and he is ready to go.  Jacob starts this Tuesday and Christopher will start on Friday.  Friday?  Yes, that is right.  I’m not sure why the school system chose to do that but they did.

We’ve already started football season, we are actually going to be starting week three this week and so far it’s going well.  We do not have a game today, so glad cause I really wanted to spend today getting myself organized for the start of school and getting some work done on my business.

I decided I am going to try to make this school year better, not only for the kids but for me.  I am always feeling overwhelmed and disorganized so I am going to work on a plan to get us all on the same page and hopefully get these kids to being self sufficient as well.

Here’s a few of my goals:

  1. Plan ahead to make lunches for myself and to also have snacks for the kids after they get out of school. So I’m going to figure out what kind of snacks they’d like to eat and also prepare some healthier options for them.
  2. Prepare dinners ahead of time.  Football is two hours every night so we get home and often eat whatever is easy to make.  This is not good cause most times it is not the healthiest of foods.  So planning is going to be key this year.
  3. Getting our home organized for school.  Each of the kids has their own desk in their rooms so now we just need to make sure they are all set and prepared to do their homework.
  4. Make sure kids get their clothes and backpacks ready for the next day every night.  No running around in the AM trying to find things they need.
  5. Make sure to get extra items for football placed in the trunk of the car.  I learned the hard way yesterday about not being prepared.  It was so cold last night at football and I only had a hoodie and a thin blanket.  So I’m going to add some extra items to my 31 bag that I leave in the car so I won’t have to suffer.
  6. Getting to bed early and waking up earlier so that breakfasts are made and healthier.  Less stress in the morning if we are all up and at ’em and not stressed waiting to the last minute to get stuff done.

What are some things that you do to get ready for the school year?


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