Mind Set is Everything- What We Are We Attract

Monday was a tough day.  I was sluggish, tired and lacked motivation.  I wasn’t the only one feeling this way at work.  My Hubby was feeling the same way and unfortunately I think the kids had a little dose of this too.

What we are we attract.

What exactly does that mean?

Everything has a vibration that attracts a like vibration.  When you are feeling grumpy and down, that vibration leaves you and flows to others.

It is the law of attraction and it is here whether we are conscious of it or not.

Tuesday was a much better day for us. We all went to bed early the night before, felt more rested and woke up with better attitudes.  We all had a better day and it went by much faster.  I have to say I was much more productive too.

Is it a coincidence when you are feeling negative, put out or just grumpy that your day is filled with angry, obnoxious, and sometimes difficult people.  I received a crappy email from a coworker and had I received it on Monday I probably would have blown up.  But my mind was in a better place.  I took a deep breath and let it go.  I walked away from the email too.  I didn’t need negativity bringing me down.

Next time you find yourself feeling like things are not going your way- stop, take a deep breath, maybe walk away from the situation and ask your self what you are doing to attract this into your life and what can you do about it?

Can you change it?  Yes, you can.

Remember when I mentioned I was out of sorts on Monday.  I was tired, things were not flowing and I felt like I was not accomplishing anything.  I felt like my business has been at a stand still and I was letting myself fall back into victim patterns.  These feelings were starting to overwhelm me and creating a feeling of despair.  Those feelings were drawing all kinds of negativity toward me.

So I went home, told myself I needed rest first and said tomorrow would be a better day.  I changed my attitude and I noticed that my day was more positive.  The feelings I felt the day before were gone.  I was back to being myself.  Immediately when I got to work I felt a different sort of energy.  It was positive energy.  I wasn’t feeling stressed or overwhelmed and I was just rolling with it.  And when that email came my way I didn’t let it bother me, I didn’t stew over it for hours as I had done in the past.  I didn’t take it personally.  I wasn’t going to own someone else’s issues, that is not worth my time.

So when you start to feel frustrated remember to think of this…

What we are we attract


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