My Soon to Be Office

I’m super excited about the work my Hubby has been doing on our house.  He is building an addition.  Guess what the addition is going to be?

My office!

Woohoo!  I am so excited because it is going to be my space and my space only.  He has the garage, it’s his man cave and he has the back porch.  Another sort of man cave with a hot tub, large screen TV and a fabulous view of the mountains and yes we have a large TV in the garage with a leather couch. The kids have their own rooms and yes we have a bedroom but it’s not totally my room.  In fact it’s not even girly. Little one is always in my room because his TV doesn’t have Tivo so he can’t watch Netflix.  So I often get kicked out of the office.  Remember the post about Hubby implementing no devices night, this is probably why I was so mad about it.  The only me time I get is when I am on my iPad.  So I am hoping that my little space will change that.

My new space is going to be girly. Super girly.  I am picking out paint pretty soon and I think I may stick with white or a very light gray.  I want to keep the room bright so that I can hopefully start doing more videos for my business.  I also want lots of girly stuff.  You know pretty stuff like the office pins I see on Pinterest.

I’ve been pinning tons of different home office ideas on Pinterest.  Most of them are super girly.  My office is going to be part craft room too.  If you didn’t already guess.  My love of bling has developed into a love of jewelry making.  It’s pretty fun although not having the space to work on my craft daily is a bummer.  I am currently utilizing the dining room and I often spread my stuff all over the place making my dining room look like a big giant mess. It would be so nice to actually be able to spread my stuff out and maybe have it organized so I can find stuff.  I seem to have several 100 lobster clasps in the same size because I thought I didn’t have any and sure enough I had like 3 packages but didn’t know because I couldn’t see them in my boxes.

My office is currently in the dining room and I hate it.  My desk is always a mess, mostly because I am not very organized but mainly because well I’ve just got too much stuff.  My desk was a yard sale find and it has worked out fine but it’s not comfortable and it’s no bright in there.  I am going to need to find some good lighting for when it’s evening or gloomy but I am thinking it’s going to be perfect.  I work from home at least 3 days out of the week in my full time gig so I have a desk, lap top, 2 monitors and a printer and all kinds of paperwork strewn across my desk.  Most of it is personal stuff but it’s just a mess.  My hope is that my new office is going to allow me a little more storage and room for better organization.

It is not going to be a large room, just a 12 x 8 foot room actually could be a very nice walk in closet but I need space.  I need space to work and space to work on my crafts and now space to work on my blog.  That is not a big space I know but it’s going to be all mine and it will be nice and cozy.  Plus it will allow me to have some peace and quiet when I am working.

If you want to check out a few of my office pins click on this link. 




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