Getting Ready for Back to School

What happened to June and July?  I can’t believe school will be starting next week.  It seriously seems like school just ended.  I’m more prepared this year than last.  Kids have all their school clothes ready and I just need to purchase one more thing for Christopher for school and he is ready to go.  Jacob starts this Tuesday and Christopher will start on Friday.  Friday?  Yes, that is right.  I’m not sure why the school system chose to do that but they did.

We’ve already started football season, we are actually going to be starting week three this week and so far it’s going well.  We do not have a game today, so glad cause I really wanted to spend today getting myself organized for the start of school and getting some work done on my business.

I decided I am going to try to make this school year better, not only for the kids but for me.  I am always feeling overwhelmed and disorganized so I am going to work on a plan to get us all on the same page and hopefully get these kids to being self sufficient as well.

Here’s a few of my goals:

  1. Plan ahead to make lunches for myself and to also have snacks for the kids after they get out of school. So I’m going to figure out what kind of snacks they’d like to eat and also prepare some healthier options for them.
  2. Prepare dinners ahead of time.  Football is two hours every night so we get home and often eat whatever is easy to make.  This is not good cause most times it is not the healthiest of foods.  So planning is going to be key this year.
  3. Getting our home organized for school.  Each of the kids has their own desk in their rooms so now we just need to make sure they are all set and prepared to do their homework.
  4. Make sure kids get their clothes and backpacks ready for the next day every night.  No running around in the AM trying to find things they need.
  5. Make sure to get extra items for football placed in the trunk of the car.  I learned the hard way yesterday about not being prepared.  It was so cold last night at football and I only had a hoodie and a thin blanket.  So I’m going to add some extra items to my 31 bag that I leave in the car so I won’t have to suffer.
  6. Getting to bed early and waking up earlier so that breakfasts are made and healthier.  Less stress in the morning if we are all up and at ’em and not stressed waiting to the last minute to get stuff done.

What are some things that you do to get ready for the school year?


I Have Big News

If you are visiting this page for the first time…welcome!

If you didn’t know previously, I am a blogger.  No, I’m not a famous blogger…yet!  I just write here to share my thoughts about our life, how grateful I am and it keeps me accountable.  So what is my big news….

I have been told several times over the last few months that I should be a personal coach or motivational speaker.  No, my life is definitely far from perfect but apparently my posts on social media, conversations and sometimes just the fact that I listen has really helped others.  For that I am super grateful.

Why am I grateful for that?  Because I love helping others.  I love seeing others get what they want and what they deserve in life.

Someone said recently “You have such an entrepreneurial spirit, so positive and ambitious; why haven’t you started your own business?” I asked them what would I do?  And the words that came out were something like personal coach, motivational speaker, business coach or personal development professional.

Huh?  That’s interesting because those are all the types of people I seek out in my own life to motivate me and keep me positive and pushing forward in my goals.

The words of the several folks that have told me that I should start a business like this truly resonated with me because I appreciate them more than they know. And their words have had me really thinking about my life and where I am in my career.  It has really had me thinking that I do need to push myself out of my comfort zone and have more faith in myself and my abilities.  I do love inspiring other people, I love helping others realize that they are amazing and I really enjoy social media and how it has allowed us all to connect, share and inform.

Those of you that know me know that I have tried network marketing several times in the hopes of finding that one business that would help me help others and several of those businesses have been amazing and I truly believe in those products still to this day. And I have even helped a few lose weight, feel better about themselves and gain more confidence and look more beautiful than they already are.

You know I have some news coming right?

I’m going out on my own.  I’m going to start my own business and it is going to be a combination of all of the above.  I’m working on the details, getting my business plan together and I’m going to announce it soon, very soon.  So come back and visit often to learn more about my new business. If you want to follow my blog through social media visit my Be Bold Be Blessed page and like it and don’t forget to visit often.




Getting Accountable With Our Debt- Our Debt Update

It’s amazing what sitting down and really looking at spending and money habits can do to your financial life.  So last year I had posted about really wanting to focus on getting out of debt.  It was a terrible feeling and I was at my wits end and decided then and there that I would focus on getting us out of debt.

Guess what?  We have made a major dent in our debt.

Here’s the last update I had posted.  So where are we today?

We are not living paycheck to paycheck anymore and we have not used credit cards at all.  If we don’t have it we don’t spend it!

Let’s see, I worked on a budget and kept to it pretty closely.  I paid all the bills first before we did anything else and I am happy to say we are on our way to being debt free.  We paid off so much that we actually can breathe again and I am not as stressed.  We have our mortgage, student loan and one loan left to pay off and we are selling our RV this week so that will be one less debt we have to worry about and another $237 to go towards our debt.  I’m so proud of our success and although it was not easy it has been well worth the struggle.  I’m not stressed about money any more and I’m not feeling overwhelmed when the kids or Hubby asks about our spending.

We’ve paid off about $8,000 in debt in the last year and I know that doesn’t seem like much but with all the interest and stress it is like a million dollars to me.

We are actually in a better place when it comes to our financial life and when we talk about money we don’t get stressed out or have an argument.  It feels good.  Now we have to focus on the student loan debt and need to start saving a little so I can buy a car in the next year.  Jacob will driving so he’ll get my car.  I’m thinking it won’t be a new car, but that will all depend on where we are at that point.

I shopped for school clothes and school supplies this year and we did not use credit cards, it was nice cause I had budgeted how much we needed and I set it aside just for that.  I started using a online account to save for these items and I am so glad because it was easy to set up an automatic transfer every paycheck and we didn’t miss it.  Now I’ll just continue that habit for Christmas and we will be sure not to have to use credit there too.

If you are in need of some help and want to get real with your money let me know.  I created an awesome spreadsheet that helped me manage our money and our debt and it kept us accountable. I’m always here to help.


Mind Set is Everything- What We Are We Attract

Monday was a tough day.  I was sluggish, tired and lacked motivation.  I wasn’t the only one feeling this way at work.  My Hubby was feeling the same way and unfortunately I think the kids had a little dose of this too.

What we are we attract.

What exactly does that mean?

Everything has a vibration that attracts a like vibration.  When you are feeling grumpy and down, that vibration leaves you and flows to others.

It is the law of attraction and it is here whether we are conscious of it or not.

Tuesday was a much better day for us. We all went to bed early the night before, felt more rested and woke up with better attitudes.  We all had a better day and it went by much faster.  I have to say I was much more productive too.

Is it a coincidence when you are feeling negative, put out or just grumpy that your day is filled with angry, obnoxious, and sometimes difficult people.  I received a crappy email from a coworker and had I received it on Monday I probably would have blown up.  But my mind was in a better place.  I took a deep breath and let it go.  I walked away from the email too.  I didn’t need negativity bringing me down.

Next time you find yourself feeling like things are not going your way- stop, take a deep breath, maybe walk away from the situation and ask your self what you are doing to attract this into your life and what can you do about it?

Can you change it?  Yes, you can.

Remember when I mentioned I was out of sorts on Monday.  I was tired, things were not flowing and I felt like I was not accomplishing anything.  I felt like my business has been at a stand still and I was letting myself fall back into victim patterns.  These feelings were starting to overwhelm me and creating a feeling of despair.  Those feelings were drawing all kinds of negativity toward me.

So I went home, told myself I needed rest first and said tomorrow would be a better day.  I changed my attitude and I noticed that my day was more positive.  The feelings I felt the day before were gone.  I was back to being myself.  Immediately when I got to work I felt a different sort of energy.  It was positive energy.  I wasn’t feeling stressed or overwhelmed and I was just rolling with it.  And when that email came my way I didn’t let it bother me, I didn’t stew over it for hours as I had done in the past.  I didn’t take it personally.  I wasn’t going to own someone else’s issues, that is not worth my time.

So when you start to feel frustrated remember to think of this…

What we are we attract


Teach Girls to Be Nice and Considerate

The last couple of days has had me really thinking about how mean we can be to each other.  Did you ever wonder how girls get to be mean?  When I was growing up I didn’t really have friends that were mean until I got to high school but I’ve noticed that kids are getting bullied and picked on much earlier in life.  I walk about 3 to 5 kids a couple of days a week to school and each of these kids is nice to each other and very respectful to me.  A couple of years ago I was concerned by a couple of the older girls.  They would pick on each other and were often disrespectful to the other kids.  I used to tell them that was not right and they would listen but maybe I should have gone a step further and talked to their parents.  They are no longer riding the bus and I often think about them and wonder if that has changed.

This morning I was walking our group and one of the gals who is super sweet and always so considerate gave me a sweet compliment.  I walk in the morning back and forth at the bus stop so that I can get some more steps in to hit my monthly goal.  She walked with me for a while and asked me why I walk back and forth.  I told her that I felt like I had gained a lot of weight and was hoping the walking would help me to lose weight.  She was so sweet and said “You are pretty no matter what you weigh.”  I was surprised by that.  I planned on working out when I got back from taking the kiddos that I hadn’t taken a shower so had no make up, was wearing a hat and just looked a mess.  She made my day because it was nice to hear.

I was talking to a coworker yesterday that mentioned that we have a very cliquey group at work.  I had been noticing it lately and felt like the vibe at work was changing but I work from home a lot so thought maybe it was just me but after she mentioned it I realized it was true.  I get kind of a catty feeling in our environment now at work that wasn’t there before.  It really makes me sad because I truly believe that we should not treat each other with nothing less than consideration and respect.  Women should really stick together and lift each other up because our lives are hard enough without getting some bad juju from other women.

Let’s be nice to each other ladies!

Let’s try our hardest to smile even when we are not having a good day.

Let’s try our hardest to compliment other women and make them feel good, it will help us feel good in the process.

Have a great day you beautiful woman!

My Own Little space

I am so super excited.  I finally have my own little space.  My office is done and I’m finally somewhat settled in here.  In early February I had shared that my office was working on a little space for me.  I’m happy to say it’s finally done.

My hubby put in some major work in here, not only did he build it but he also made my new desk as well.  It’s so awesome, I love it.

Here’s a pic of my new desk that my Hubby made me and a pic  of my little office.

My Hubby is so talented.  I’m so super excited that he did this for me, it’s my own little space.  The other wall is going to probably hold a small little vanity so I can start doing my make up and also maybe create some videos for my Senegence business.  This room came out so awesome.

We still need to get a new light; possibly a nice ceiling fan with better lighting and we need to paint the hutch and other filing cabinet.  I think the lighter furniture makes the room look brighter.  It’s hard to see but the walls are actually a very light gray. I also need to add some decorations and a little be of me in here.  So far I’ve purchased new curtains, a lamp and a small little candle holder from Target.  The furniture that he transformed was a Craigslist find that we found here in our city.  It ended up working out great.  We do have two other pieces to get rid of from the set we bought so hoping we can get rid of those soon so I can get my car back in the garage.